Red Foal

The story of Red Foal begins some time ago. It is the result of a slow thought had on a bench in southern Spain, where the most beautiful horses in the world live. A “Foal” is a young horse, under the age of four. Here, foals run free in pastures and when seen at sunset, they look red. Red Foal then became reality thanks to the union of ideas of four friends who are passionate about horses. Red Foal is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, where artisans have perfected the art of shoe-making through years of history and tradition. The Red Foal sneaker was born to go horseback riding. Today it is a shoe for everyday life and it can be matched very easily. You can wear it to go to the office or for leisure. To produce our sneakers, we put quality and ethics at the centre. This means using first choice materials and respecting the production chain.

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